Preview: Two e-learning courses

During winter and spring 2020 there will be two e-learning courses coming up on


The course tonArt (“art of keys/modes”) is targeting beginners and advanced tuba players and is leading through all major and minor keys in the circle of fifths. With the help of theoretical background knowledge, every day problems on the instrument can be overcome: Different ways of fingering to solve problems with intonation in special keys, fingering mistakes while playing in sharp keys – it’s a matter of practice and musical understanding.

Blue Bells of Scotland

The acquiring of the solo piece is intended for advanced players. The scottish folk song is a well-known exercise from the Arban-school. Jean-Baptiste Arban extended the melody for trumpet students with some variations. Raimund Lippok adjusted it for tuba players and added some more parts.

In several units, the piece will be practised with the aim to use the learned methods of practising for further musical works. Beside the units there are even recordings of the whole piece available, with solo tuba (Raimund Lippok) and piano (Leonie Scharfe), as well as a play-along with only the piano accompaniment.

Beside the videos, there will be PDF coursebooks (printed versions available) with sheet music and summarizing texts. Both courses are sold online.